One of a Kind K9, Exceptional full-service care for your four-legged friend.

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Exceptional full-service care for your four-legged friend.


Every dog is a good dog.


You love your K9, but sometimes your K9's behavior is less than ideal.

Fortunately, those unwanted behaviors simply need a little modifying. Our multi-certified trainers can help. We bring years of experience to bear on your K9's development, and will design training programs specifically suited to your K9's personality and your family's needs. We'll meet with you to discuss and identify problem areas. Then we'll customize a program that curbs unwanted behaviors and enforces new, ideal ones. You'll learn how to read your pet's body language and interact in ways that build desired behaviors. That perfect K9 you envisioned is just a few training sessions away.

We help your K9 successfully engage with your family through:

1. "The Basic 4" (sit, down, come, heel)
2. Good house manners (drop it, leave it, place)
3. Good social manners- (off, leave it, say hi)
4. On leash control – (heel, with me)
5. Off leash control (Recall and extended down stay) with e-collar training
6. Fun and Functional tricks
7. Alert commands etc.
8. Response to multinational commands

Occasionally more extreme behaviors like biting or food aggression must be curbed.

Our trainers offer multiple humane solutions that focus on positive reinforcement to help your K9 overcome them. To ensure long-term success, we'll ask you to participate in portions of your K9's training program. Together we can help your K9 go from "No" to "Good boy!"

When we're in command, obedience happens.

  • Certified trainers with proven success and varied K9 training backgrounds to bring out the best in your dog
  • A wide variety of training programs to enforce general obedience, eliminate extreme behavior and teach fun and functional tricks
  • Customized programs suited to your needs and your K9's personality
  • Continually reinforced training on daily walks and through fitness programs
  • Lessons to teach owners how to positively engage with their K9s
  • "Ask the Trainer" email support for the life of your K9